Web Filtering does not block sites over https

CIS Premium 10 does not block websites over https, work fine just over http.

  1. -i have used to try a single website over http and is working just fine http://www.domain.com/
  2. -i have used to try over https and does not block anything but just subdomains or similar which is going over http (http://www.domain.com/ is blocked but https://www.domain.com/shop/ is not blocked)
  3. -i have used to try to install windows 7 os 64bit on VMware. on Primary installed win7-64bit with full installed CIS-Premium10, i have blocked sample website on primary operating sistem, same site when i try to reach on secondary os - web filtering is blocking just that site on primary and on secondary os. Great! But does not block over https on primary also on secondary os. This i can say CIS web filtering on comodo firewall is “malfunction”.

i asking comodo specialsts how to reach my goal to block websites over https?
Thank you

HTTPS filtering only works for Microsoft Edge, IE, and Firefox based browsers. HTTPS filtering on Chrome based browsers such as Opera does not work and unlikely to be fixed due to web-filtering is planned to be replaced with Comodo Dome Shield. Melih post and quote from umesh which doesn’t exactly mention CDome shield but it makes sense.