Web Content Filter


It would be great if comodo gets a webfilter.
Blocking malware loaded websites like rogue before they even can load.
I installed Forti client internet security software (only the web shield), and it blocks many malware loaded websites!
So why whouldn’t comodo intergrate this in the AV?
I think Comodo really needs this.

Sorry for my bad English!! :slight_smile:

Have you seen this?

It’s not a web content filter per se, but it helps block malicious websites :slight_smile:

Was just about to say that before clicking on this thread, but you beat my to it… Secure DNS from Comodo would help you OP.

Also I like to use WOT (Web Of Trust) with Firefox, which displays a traffic like indication of the website, green, amber, red along with user submitted reviews on that given site. If the site is bad, it will block it and ask you if you wish to ignore, so that’s another line of defense there for you.

Say, if one is using OpenDNS, then they can’t use Comodo Secure DNS, right?

But what if OpenDNS misses a site that is malicious, a Web Shield could block it rght?

I think a web shield is better!
I mean almost any antiviruses I know has a webshield like AVG, Avira,Avast and Kaspersky has a web shield build in, they all block malware webpages.
But Comodo doesn’t.

It would be nice if Comodo gets this in the future releases.
With some options to configure.

Sorry for my bad English :slight_smile:

See here for why a web shield is not necessary - Comodo Forum

Also see https://forums.comodo.com/empty-t47607.0.html and https://forums.comodo.com/empty-t26466.0.html

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That is correct. However, bear in mind that the free version of OpenDNS does not block malicious websites, only phishing sites and botnets.

Source: Setup Guide | OpenDNS