Web browsing

Hi Guys,
Since downloading Comodo Firewall I find that I cannot get into a web page http//tinyurl.com/fnse9 or my favourite magazine PCUser (Australia).It just comes up with a blank web page. All my other web pages seem to dowmload ok.It works ok on my computer at work but at home nothing. Is there something I should be doing with my settings in ‘firewall’
If I can get any help, I am not a guru at this type of thing, so please try to make it as simple as possible.
If Garry is out there, thanks for the help with my licence, it was in my spam folder.

Are you using CF with the default setup? If so, you shouldn’t have any problems. If not, which options have you changed? As a test, are you able to access this site if you change the security level to “Allow All”?


The URL you posted (http//tinyurl.com/fnse9) isn’t exactly a web site. TinyURL takes a very long URL & makes it smaller for posting/email purposes. The URL that you posted is a Google search result page for “HTTP”, which generated 5,530,000,000 hits. Did you post the correct URL?

Hello Kail,
Thanks for the reply, I am on my work computer at the moment, have just typed in the address
http//tinyurl.com/fnse9 and it opens up straight away into the PCUser help station.
Has got me beat.
I will ask PCuser if they have any ideas

Hello Graham,
Will try as you suggest if I can find the settings

LOL… I just realised that http//tinyurl.com/fnse9 is missing the “:”! I think it should read http://tinyurl.com/fnse9. Once I put the colon in, I got to the PC User site. Obviously, my browser (Firefox) defaulted to a Google search for HTTP, whilst maybe yours did nothing?

Thanks Kail
Will try that as well as beating my head against a brick wall