Web browser poll

I’m curious as to what web browsers some people use most of the time here on the forum. For me, it is Firefox.

I started with Mosaic, then Netscape, moved to Mozilla suite (now effectively Sea Monkey) and finally phoenix, which led to firebird and then firefox. I currently use x86 Nightly builds (v22.0a1) as my main browser but I also have the x64 variety as well as the release build. Firefox simply does everything I want, in the way I want it.

Which Browser do you use?

IE all the way for me but occasionally, I may be in Dragon, or using Dolphin on my Nexus 7 tablet.

I think my first favorite web browser was Internet Explorer. After using Firefox in school, that later became my favorite web browser. In addition to using Internet Explorer and Firefox I’ve also used Netscape Navigator, Opera, and Safari.

I did a search before creating this thread for any web browser polls but I didn’t find any. I think what I searched for was “favorite web browser”.

Sometimes, the forum search feature leaves a little to be desired. You might find more results using your search engine of choice, with operators like ‘site:’ and/or ‘contains:’

Comodo Dragon for me. Just love it! :love:

I mostly use portable Waterfox and Cyberfox. CID on office PC.

Chrome beta on Ubuntu and Android. :slight_smile:

I just switched to Opera and so far I’m loving it and guess what! I’m not having any major issues as I had with every chromium release after 23.X ;D

I have been using comodo dragon for several months now and im very satisfied with the speed and addons of this browser plus i love the way this browser updates internally without having yo uninstall and then re-install like some other browsers.
This is why i abandoned for firefox. ;D

I am loving IE10 in both windows 7 and 8. Microsoft has done lot of work to bring IE back to the game. I think users should give it a try and feel the change.

For me, pretty much all text in IE10 is blurry which hurts my eyes… no other application is like that, just IE10. =/

Opera has great imbedded email client and cool speed dial.

I switched from Firefox to Pale Moon a few months ago. I first heard of Pale Moon as an optimized Firefox, then later appreciated that the developer didn’t force design decisions that made Firefox more like Chrome, but still gives the option. I use the x86 edition because I don’t see my browser needing to allocate 4GB of memory anytime soon. It’s a good option for people who want the classic Firefox without the need for extensions to change things back which can have their own problems and you still get the security updates. There’s also a portable edition.

I Voted Dragon
I have always run Firefox then Waterfox, I now run Cyberfox as it’s the fastest variant on my system. The range of Add ons makes it possible to harden and customize this browser to your hearts content :-TU
Since CIS 6x I have switched to Dragon as default. This felt very strange initially, but several good extensions later…ScriptSafe and Collusion included and I haven’t looked back.
I do still use both browsers frequently along with a portable hardened copy of Dragon, each has it’s own purpose.
As a side note I have all IE .exes set to always run in the sandbox…just in case :wink:

Edit: Some cool themes - https://8pecxstudios.com/?page_id=1012

I really like Firefox. Recently switched from Chrome to Firefox and have not looked back. All of the addons are fantastic!

I noticed that addons for Firefox where a little more “flexible” in comparison to Chrome.

This to me makes a total break away impossible that plus I just like Firefox in all its forms :slight_smile:

Chrome extensions are getting better IMO

Yeah I feel that they are improving to, but I do think Firefox will hold the crown of extensions/addons for quite some time.

Always using Opera. I started using it back in 2003 because of curiosity about other and better browsers than IE 6.

I immediately loved the session manager and fast history navigation (go back to previous page as it was left in cache rather than reloading the page; makes it a fast experience) and found out along the way it had lot’s of useful functions straight from the box. One of my absolute favorites are mouseflips. Just move back and forth through history using only mouse buttons. Combine this with fast history navigation and Opera really shines for me. I also use some of the keyboard shortcuts.

Of course I had the obligatory flirt with the Fox a year later but did not feel like the potential compatibility problems of extensions.

I politely tried other browsers for a bit and have some of them installed in case a web page does not work like expected. Most of them are bare bone browsers lacking useful built in functionality which can be added with extensions.

Overall is Opera for me a fast browser with lot’s of slick, cunning and useful functions already built in that makes it a hard to resist.

I hope that with the switch to the Webkit/Chromium engine Opera will remain the Swiss Army Knife it is and has always been…

FF - despite the constant updates.

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