web broswer keeps scrolling after updating to V3 [Resolved]

Comodo said there was a new update available(V3) and since I’ve installed it I my web pages scroll by themselves. It happens in IE7, Firefox, I just upgraded to Firefox with same problems), and also my Realplayer’s browser does it. It was a real pain to try and type this message as this section is down the page a little and it keeps scrolling up erratically. only took about a minute or two but I made it here finally.

I’d love to help you out here, but I really don’t have much of an idea save to say maybe defense+ is messing with a driver or something for your mouse? Is it giving you any alerts or popups that might infer that? Sorry if I’m completely off base.

If you can, I’d try and list what operating system you’re running on and the service pack, real time security apps you have installed, what applications were disabled or uninstalled before installing CPF 3, and indeed, whether or not you defense+ enabled. This might help the more technical minded individuals out who visit here so frequently.

Also, just to make sure, sometimes weird things happen if you install the firewall while other apps are running (it did to me when I ignored it lol). The way I got around this was downloading the installer, uninstalling CPF, cleaning out whatever registry keys (I use Eusings Free Registry Cleaner), restarting, then re installing CFP via the installer that was downloaded.

I also have updated to Firefox v. from.9 and just tried I.E. and I’m not getting the same scrolling issue. In addition, you can figure out if its defense+ (which is tending to be a real pain for some people) by installing the firewall only (instead of both), or Maybe, just disabling defense+. I only tried process of elimination by not installing defense+ to begin with with my problem, not disabling so I don’t know for sure.

Hope some of this can help and at least lay the path for more.

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Thank you for your reply. I am still having the issue even after uninstalling CPF 3. I assumed a mouse driver issue also and went to windows update to make sure I had that HID or whatever update installed and it was installed already. I use Avast and Comodo Firewall only. I thought maybe it was malware and downloaded spybot/adaware and got a few minor infections. after removal I still get the auto scrolling.

I have noticed I am getting bounced email that I have not sent. I’m not sure if they are phony email or maybe I got one of those email generating viruses, but avast shows nothing when I run the virus scanner.

when I boot to safe mode the issue goes away.

ps. I am running XP MCE fully updated and had Defense+ enabled and get no pop up alerts of any kind.

ok, I figured it out. it was just the scollwheel on my mouse. I never use it, and when I was going to pull the mouse and put on my other mouse I thought I’d check the mousewheel as I never use it and thought it may be stuck or something. after rolling it back and forth a few times it has seemed to cure itself.

thanks everyone for the help

Let the good times roll ;D

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