Web blocking / Ads blocking with major list format support


Could you add web blocking /ads blocking (analyze and filter get/post urls) with support of mains filter list like filterset.g, adblock etc…
My old agnitum firewall supported that (by plugin).

Please, don’t answer It’s a browser problem :-*…When you use more than one browser and you have to maintain plugins, list subscription…

It’s better than dns blocking and proxy, that’s fine grained, system wide and maintenance less (with subscription to downloadable updated lists).


It’s a browser problem… 88)
That said, the Firefox exension “Coral IEtab” let’s you switch the engine to IE while still using adblock plus.

+1 UP

Before I had FW which were blocking Ads in my browser or even in programms and applications like IQC,
it was great, fw removed ads and banners from iqc and paltalk n others etc,
I wish to get same function/option in comodo fw.
i miss this function/option: Block by url http, at present we can block by ip or dsn but not by http url, thats bad :confused: its useful when i want to block single url address or address url of banner/ads etc

Outpost used to have it in the past. It may still have it. I block in my browser though.