Web-Based Installer Better Than MSI Installation File

Please Use Web-Based Intaller At personalfirewall.comodo.com Instead Of The Microsoft MSI Installer Please and thank you, It helps people on Dialup connections.

            Thank you very much
                Kyle Grant

If you like it, good for you. Many others want the flexibility of having a full installer available without having to jump through hoops to get one.

Both installers are available at the official CIS download page. The online installer is listed there as:

Alternative Microsoft® Windows® Executable:

Download Comodo Internet Security EXE file

In fact if you use the online installer then you download slightly more data.

I prefer the offline installer so I can install to multiple computers and only have to download the file once :smiley:

No! why should I do that.
I have more than one computer so an offline installer is the sensible thing to download.