Web Based AV Scanner from Comodo

Here is a Comodo Web Based AV Scanner

This is just the beginning of our Initiative to build the best AV engine in the world and expect many improvements going forward. This Engine uses the CAV V3 engine.


Great ! Nice work COMODO ! This can be VERY useful (:CLP)


Thank you very much Melih.
keep up good work.

Great initiative Melih. Two questions: Does that service support Vista (web site only mentions XP)? Any chances that future versions for Firefox and Opera will be released?

Again, great initiative!


My IE 6 crashed in 50% of install. re-trying.


Indeed shortly our engine will be Vista compatible too. And we are already working on other browsers.


Great to know that. :wink:

All the best

Thank you Melih for the feedback.

This (Comodo Web Based AV Scanner) is going to be very useful for emergency situations :slight_smile:


also if you have the Prevention on your machine (CFP v3), then you can run this web based scanner every so often just to be sure!


You are right Mr.Melih. :slight_smile:

I just wanted to ask one question - Comodo Web Based Scanner only detects threats or it can also remove them ? 88)

Now I completed the download but it crashed again. Maybe disable avast will fix it?

This is great news for comodo anti virus!! Now i’m sure this web scanner is going to get used ALOT. Great work Comodo :-TU

After disable avast it worked. I think it should be in the introductions or something.
Thank you for amazing product!

Hey Commodus, it only detects viruses and malware says the EULA

CAVSE is not intended to clean viruses or malware that may be on your computer. Instead, CAVSE is designed to scan your computer for viruses and other malware and display such problems to you.

Thanks Goose :slight_smile: I guess I missed that part :-[ :wink:
But CAVS 3 will be free right ? So I don’t see any reasons not to have a web based scanner which can remove viruses. :slight_smile:

at the moment… just detection


Yup Yup, CAVS3 is going to be 100% free. Don’t have to pay a dime. Zilch Zero nada. :slight_smile: But still this scanner is a great in the way that it’ll find infections so you’re aware of them and can remove them.

of course… removing viruses/malware is not easy for every malware… we will have it in future… (not too distant future)…


Thank you for your replies Melih :slight_smile:

Do your best COMODO ! (V)

Please spread the word and put the link to our scanner everywhere you can!