Web Apps, Add-ons, and Extensions

I travel a lot for someone without a job and have to do a lot of things on-the-go. With a very limited usb on-hand, extensions, web apps and add-ons are extremely helpful. Even though I prepare myself for pretty much every mishap I could think of, I could cover more ground by listening from others. Here are the ones I use, and I would very much like to hear which ones you use:

  1. Google’s Apps
    Not all of them, but primarily Google Drive, Docs, Keep, and Slides. You probably guessed I’m also using Chrome. Their charm is their offline use which is exclusive as of now only to Google. Not only does it maintain a much higher level of document fidelity than Libreoffice and the like, they consume less drive space, too, giving me more room for more important stuff like the documents themselves.
  2. Pixlr Touch Up
    I’m not too artistic, but every once in a while, I do get requests to do some photo editing and pixlr touch up is basic enough to get me running but advanced enough to do some of the things I’m requested of.
  3. Session Buddy
    Almost always on the run, when I gotta go, I gotta go, and saving my sessions couldn’t be much easier with SB.
  4. Picture in Picture Viewer
    Tabs are a welcome feature and since I use quite a bunch of apps all at the same time and a lot of reading materials open, I get confused every once in a while and PiP helps me juggle these tabs and eliminates the trouble of looking for that one tab I need most.
  5. Nimbus Screenshot
    Plenty of screenshot extensions, but none of them cater to my needs better than Nimbus which was the only one successful in creating a full web screenshot of my html5 invoicing app.
  6. HTML5 Invoice Generator
    CSS-tricks posts a lot of good tricks and I found their custom html invoice generator very useful, and found J.Neal’s more elegant version of it. With a bit of editing, I now have an invoice generator that I can use in conjunction with Nimbus to create professional looking invoices.
  7. DownThemAll!
    Despite Chrome’s growing set of apps, it still lacks a downloader that can match DtA!.
  8. Flashgot
    Couple this with DtA! and you’re pretty much covered with your downloads.
  9. Bluhell Firewall
    The name’s a bit misleading. It’s an add-on for firefox really. An adblocker to be precise. And for its size and simplicity, it sure is effective.

Which ones would you recommend?