web addresses not working when copied and pasted to email etc Why?

I just upgraded to Ice Dragon from the ordinary Dragon which kept hanging and glitching and basically becoming a pain.
Now unfortunately I cannot copy and paste a working (active link) web address into an email or blog. The link is dead and will only work if it is copied and pasted by the recipient into the address bar. This is very annoying.
Can anyone advise me as to how I can set up the Ice Dragon to allow this to happen please as I am totally baffled by the problem.
I am not a computer techno geek so any help will be appreciated especially if it is in plain English as I don’t fully understand all the geeky stuff.
Many thanks,
Kev C

There is no connection between copying a link and being able to click on the link to open it.

If you have copied a link and someone needs to then copy that link and paste it into their web browser to open the link, the problem is at their end of things. If the link was incorrect, then copying and pasting wouldn’t work either.

Are you perhaps talking about a hyperlink versus a URL?

For example, this is the URL for this thread on the forum.

Using some codes that the forum software supports, I can create a hyperlink.
web addresses not working when copied and pasted to email etc Why?

If you right-click on that hyperlink and choose to copy the link location, what is actually transferred to your clipboard is the URL that the hyperlink links to. If you then paste that into an email or a blog, it will paste the URL. Depending on how another persons email reader or web browser is set up, they may be able to just click on the URL and be taken to that page. But if for example, their email reader is set up to render links as plain text, they will need to copy the URL and paste it into their browser to open the link.

In other words, Ice Dragon couldn’t possibly have any effect on another persons ability to simply click on a URL and be taken to the page. That capability depends entirely upon how the other user has their software configured.

I did mean URL actually. I told you I don’t do geek speak. :slight_smile:
Anyway I am used to pasting a link copied straight from the address bar into an email or a blog and it being then shown in blue. Meaning anyone including myself can click onto that address and be taken to the page it relates to.
Since upgrading to Ice Dragon yesterday I have been unable to do this and I can find no place that explains how to change the way I copy and paste, set up as an active link or whatever. The only thing that has changed from being able to do this and then not is my removal of the previous Dragon browser to the download and set up of Ice Dragon browser.
So not meaning to sound like I don’t trust what you say I think I didn’t do a very good job of explaining what I was wanting to know about. I even tested the system to see if it actually sent the links as live but even an email to myself came back needing the posted link to be copied and pasted. Not what I used to do.
Any further clues as to what has possibly happened?
Many thanks Kev C

There is no way to “send” a “live” link…

As I mentioned before, if you’re copying and pasting a URL, that is all you get.

From that point, it’s dependent on either the browser or the email reader. If they’re configured to allow you to simply click on a URL and have it open a web site as a hyperlink would, then great. If they’re not, you will have to manually put copy and paste the URL into your web browser.

This has absolutely nothing at all to do with the first copy/paste step that you do. (Copy a URL and paste it into an email or blog)

If you go to Tools → Add-ons → Extensions, you can do a search for “text link” (without the quotation marks) and you will see several extensions that you can install that will make a plain text URL on a web page behave like a hyperlink.

Thank you. The information re where to find the settings is what I was wanting. Now I can change the way the link works when its copied across to another document.

Hey Kev C, I know where you’re coming from. If you’re using Yahoo email (like I am), Comodo Dragon (and maybe Ice Dragon) won’t automatically ‘embed’ URL links in emails like you can do in IE9 for example. I was switching from CD to IE9 just to paste a stupid link into my emails until I came across this from Yahoo -

You still can’t just paste in the link and expect it to work, but you can highlight the link, then click on the “hyperlink” button and paste it in the email and voila! You have the link ready to go. It works for me now anyway… Hope that helps.