Web Accelerator Makes Leak Tests Fail

Hi, I’m new to Comodo Firewall,

I’ve been using a web accelerator software to speed up my connection, AFAIK it’s a software to compress outbound traffics and decompress inbound traffics (which were compressed by the web accelerator’s server) CMIIW. It does its job, and I like it so much that I don’t want to surf the web without it…

the web accelerator I’m using is ONSPEED (I believe there are others like NITRO, etc). Unfortunately when it’s active, I failed all the CPIL tests (I passed all these tests when ONSPEED is disabled)

of course at first I was asked whether to allow ONSPEED to access the internet, and I did allow, and it seems that when I allow ONSPEED to access the internet, I also allow everything that goes through it without COMODO noticing it, is it because the ONSPEED proxy? (I have to set my proxy to to be able to surf using ONSPEED)

I want to keep on using ONSPEED but also protected by COMODO Firewall, how could this be done? :THNK :THNK

Hi and welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately I can’t say for sure what you should do in this situation. Onspeed can tunnel through any firewall and I am not sure you can firewall it with certainty it will be secure. It has to route the information to the onspeed server I believe which forwards the info to you in a supposed faster way. In this case, the original port isn’t used so Comodo won’t see it and if you have allowed onspeed then of course this will get through. To be honest , onspeed only seems good enough for heavy sites and doens’t do much for regular browsing\downloading.


Just get a different accelerator. (:TNG)

Really. Would you trade speed for protection?
If you use Firefox (You are using Firefox, right?) you could get the uber-awesome Fasterfox and set it to “Enable Prefectching”, which speeds it up just as much.

I agree. Onspeed does claim it’s safe but I would go with something else as well.