Weather eye

I use Weather Eye on my desktop.
and find that with Comodo Antivirus and Firewall that every time I boot into windows I have to reinstall Weather eye. I have to physically quit the program and run the entire set up again just to get the thing to work. Otherwise it won’t start up with Comodo’s programs running. I double checked that the program was added to all the allowable lists I could find in both the Antivirus and Firewall programs, but no matter, it simply gimps every time. Any ideas? I’d rather have Weather Eye than Comodo if this continues…

Do you get any alerts from CAVS, that it has stopped or blocked weathereye in some way?

And can you explain a little more about the situation? What is weathereye doing (or not doing) that causes you to reinstall it? Have you looked in Task Manager to make sure the process is active? Have you checked the Startup to make sure it’s listed there (start/run/“msconfig”/startup tab)?