We want to hear from now: What is the new year's resolution of the CIO, CISO?

To the loyal Comodo Forum users: we want to hear from you, we need your help. With all of these well publicized cyber-attacks happening, why isn’t the fundamental issue of containerization technology coming up? Traditional antivirus does not work. Why would a company allow unknown files to infect their system? We’ve talked about the example here at Comodo of how you wouldn’t let an unknown person into our home, yet companies are allowing unknown files into their system. Is the #1 new year’s resolution of the CIO/CISO to make sure a cyber attack never happens to them?

We want to hear from you, the passionate Comodo Forum users. Why isn’t containerization being discussed in the news stories, in the commentary, in the opinions of today? Let’s raise the issue to a new level.

I changed the all caps part of your subject to normal case. We hear you better when you’re not shouting. Eric

Does this news article from the Comodo site speak about what you’re referring to: Comodo Strengthens Endpoint Security Capabilities with Comodo SecureBox?

Definitely a great proof point for Comodo in terms of specific products as we are identifying a problem in the IT community. The problem is the unknown files, I would say. Thanks for the response --!!!