We stopped all these websites from attacking our users!

Date Malicious Websites

Sep-10 7,053,026
Oct-10 12,657,691
Nov-10 14,302,357
Dec-10 14,132,141
Jan-11 14,027,011
Feb-11 12,708,840
Mar-11 7,468,868 (only until 11th March so far)

we did this with our Secure DNS!



Nice to see DNS is improving… :-TU

BTW, where these numbers come from?

everytime someone visits a malicious website our DNS servers stop it.

I don’t see the correlation in the numbers (malicious websites vs. time), and I would be cautious with assuming any sort of causation even if there was a correlation. Was Secure DNS introduced in January 2011?

“Malware Site Blocking” was introduced in September 2010. :slight_smile:

So, this numbers actually represent the number of visits?

I don’t understand what is confusing here. Isn’t this a counting of the number of times Comodo secure DNS users tried to go to websites that were on Comodo’s blacklist during the months listed?

Taking a very extreme point of vue, did Secure DNS in feb.11 blocked 12.708.840 malicious sites or did it prevent 12.708.840 users to visit the same malicious site.

I think we are talking about users here… :-\

Users, of course, since the partial month statistic is much less than the full month’s statistic.

Thanks Melih/Comodo, I have been very happy with Secure DNS. :slight_smile: