We received over 2Gig of Malware last 24 hours from our users!!!!


You have been absolutely great!!!

When we needed you, you came thru!!

We are truly grateful!

Within last 24 hours alone you guys have sent us over 2 gigs of malware! Thats a lot of malware! Our AV analysts can kiss their sleep goodbye for next few weeks and months!! :slight_smile:

I can’t thank you enough on behalf of Comodo and all Comodo users! You are making the world a safer place for millions of people by your actions and each and every one you should be applauded for providing us these samples! You are doing it selflessly with pure thought of helping others and I applaud you all!

Thank you, Thank you and Thank you!



This is amazing…

We are well on our way Melih!!

But make sure the AV Researchers research there malware too!! Users can’t do it alone! (:WIN) And Melih what about hourly updates? Don’t see that in the RC Yet!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Indeed, we have setup many collobarations with other AV vendors and keep getting new malware. So all is good here… just matter of time to create sigs for all these samples we got (which will take time…)

hourly update is our goal… lets see when we can hit it… its a difficult goal…totally atteinable…


What would be the update frequency now? I think it’s daily. Some AV’s can do it hourly, Some can do every 2-3 hours. Norton can do it every 5-15 mins!! (but I guess they reserve signatures). I suppose over the next few months and a year time line your AV Research & Analysis guys will grow.

But like you said, it’s only the beginning!


2 gigs…nice. imo even 2-3 hour updates is excellent, but it really depends on how many sigs their are in the update

That’s crazy! Don’t forget to let them sleep Melih :slight_smile:

Yes. After hearing sigs take some time to make, 2-3 hours would be a gr8 start for Comodo. I know Melih can do it and will push it, He is one of those CEO’s ya know… hehe. :slight_smile:


I’d be more than happy with daily updates.

You can expect near 2GB more by this weekend…downloading 4GB NOW!!!

EDIT: However, please, PLEASE fix the file submission on CIS in order to be able to send files of any type (not just exe, dll, com, etc)

Thanks. (V)

personally I send 3/4 simple per day ( CAMAS or e-mail) , and that takes a 5/6 days to recognize them by CIS.I think it’s not bad at all :slight_smile: . (L)

It is not at all!! I sent +200 samples the other day. It took 3 days to recognize half of it. Keep up the good work!!! (CNY)

CAMAS or E-mail ??

Email directly to Melih!!!

EDIT: Of course we made an agreement before I started sending Trojans and worms to Melih’s email. ;D 88) :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes infect Melih (:TNG)


Question, what happens with the files I submit using CIS file Submission?? I cannot select a file of type . so I am sending zip files with exe extension and on the description I specify to change the ext to ZIP. Will this work? Is someone at COMODO reading this description?? ???

Edit: I know Melih is Ok with me sending garbage to his email, however, I do feel bad. :a0 >:-D

You have been a great help darcjrt with all the samples you have been sending us!!!
Thank you and pls keep them coming and I look forward to that 4gb for the weekend :slight_smile:

Thank you!!


We are building an amazing backend infrastructure to speed things up. It will take some time, but then we will have sig creation from sample submission down to hours!!!

Keep them coming guys! You will be helping millions of users!!

Thank you!


Great!! I haven’t submitted much though, guess I have to stop being so careful. (:LGH)

I have two Questions:

  1. Melih, should we submit samples to your emai,l or through CAMAS, or through CIS (if I should do it through your email, what is it)?

If you want to send it true e-mail, use this one : malwaresubmit@avlab.comodo.com

I think everyway will work, but…
A) e-mail will always work
B) camas only when it’s suspisious (at least I think so)
C) through CIS, I donno, takes a lot of time then

where’s question 2 :wink:


Oh oops I forgot to put question #2 in, and now I forgot what it was… (:SHY) (That always happens to me.)

Well, thank for the reply, but I was wondering what are the Do’s and Don’t’s of submitting by email, like:
Should the subject be something special, should it be zipped (or in a rar file), should it have a password (and what), etc.