We now have a more "sought after" brand than Verisign! :-)

Thanks to all our users, Comodo has, according to Google, become a more searched after name than Verisign.


This will positively affect Comodo’s growth as online merchants will want to display a more Sought after and more Trusted name on their website for their security. And that is now Comodo (:NRD)

thank you to all of you for making Comodo a bigger brand than Verisign (CLY)


That’s fantastic to see. :wink: Comodo deserves all the recognition they get.

(R) (V)


Nice work Comodo!

Your google pagerank is 7 (out of 10)
cnn have 9
nbc have 7
bbc have 7
yahoo have 9
wikipedia 8


Thats a good news… (:CLP)

Wonderful news Melih (:CLP), this is all from Comodo’s hardwork and it is payin off :smiley:

And now google has updated their database, check again by clicking on the above link whose brand is growing rapidly :BNC


Excellent news Melih :smiley: Comodo most certainly deserves every bit of it :wink:

Greetings from Russia! Many thanks to founders of this program!


Yes, I must put in my two cents’ worth also. Thank you Comodo! I too have been quite silent, but only because of a LACK of problems. It’s awesome to be offered effective, state-of-the-art, non-cost security programs by a company that still makes a profit through other products.

That’s because Comodo can be trusted. Your brand image is very strong, no scandals yet :stuck_out_tongue:

I and many others are hoping it stays that way :slight_smile:

No wild party’s… :o ;D

THIS is my first post ever on comodo forum. I discovered accidetaly comodo firewall but honestly from the moment I saw it I knew that this software is exeptional. I can;t tell why but I felt it and it proved completely right. Right now I don;t have particular need for company ceftificats but I am planing to start my own bussines soon and I will pay every cent needed to comodo company for every type of certificates and other security issues. I wish you to continue with good work like so far. sincerely, Nebojsa from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On the contrary it is we who should be thanking you! For a company to seek to provide ‘best in class’ security products free of charge,where others offer feature limited or poor quality products free,this deserves the utmost praise.

As far as I’m concerned I’ll continue to shout about your products to anyone who’ll listen,you deserve all the good publicity you get! :BNC

Who are Verisign? ;D

Good work by the whole Comodo team! (R) Keep it up guys

Melih, thanks for the great news and congratulations! (:CLP)

I am sure all user will agree that is has been a pleasure to get bring Comodo to the top!



I know that this is a late post, and I hate to be the killjoy, but that’s probably because of CFP and Comodo’s other free products.

If you replace “Comodo” in the comparison with something like “Comodo SSL”… no results.

What difference does that make?

Actually, its more important that people are searching us for our Protection of their machines. We believe people will trust the Comodo name more when they see the Comodo name on a website, because they already trusted Comodo to protect their machines. There is a pre-established trust relationship!


I agree.the psychology behind it is to create an association between the Comodo name and secure computing in people’s minds (:WIN)