We need your votes pls! It will only take you a second, pls help by voting thx

Thanks to amazing support we get from our amazing users, we are chosen as a finalist!

But now we need you to help us win this by voting for us please!

This will help Comodo get more exposure and help many others protect themselves for free!

Thank you for your support guys! You truly rock!


Thank you asdfman1, really appreciate your support! :slight_smile:

and here is when i took the snapshot :slight_smile: we moved up by one more percent :slight_smile:


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Comodo is the Nr 1

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many must be voting for ESET

Got my vote!

so it may be.

Valentin N

why cheat?

maybe they wake up late and do like comodo voters, spam every day; those voting awards are useless…

Comodo was ahead because this link was posted here, then ESET probably directed some of its users to the poll, then more Comodo users voted (so now Comodo is in the lead).

Leaving the antiviruses that didn’t know about or mention the poll in the dust. 88)

Sorry, but in my opinion online polls like this don’t really mean much. What’s it really matter what percent of voters voted for a particular product?

What I’d like to know is what percent of each security suite’s userbase is currently infected. It’s percentages like that which mean something to me. :wink:

I agree…but it is kind of hard to get info like that, I would bet. First, not everyone can tell if they are infected or not. Or, they might think that because they got a BSOD when messing with encryption software (I’m just making something up), their computer has a virus.

Many polls get their popularity from AV companies referencing them. Not many are going to link to a poll that is asking if you were infected using their products. :stuck_out_tongue:

True, but wouldn’t it be interesting if they did. :o

My point was that whether Comodo comes in first or second place it doesn’t really mean anything. What matters is how it performs in real-world tests and, almost as important, how it performs when being tested by reputable testing organizations.

PS. I especially distrust polls that allow a user to vote more than once for the same program. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, I don’t like About.com anyway. Most of the pages are stuffed with ads and aren’t high quality. They just have the polls to make money…and the more someone visits to revote, the more page views they get. :smiley:

absolutely agree with you

right for me too, i voted only one time.

Wow, did you guys see the results from the poll for the Best Windows Antivirus.

How is Vipre up by that much. Honestly, out of that lineup, I would have picked Norton hands down.


That’s pretty crazy! With the exception of ZoneAlarm AV, I’d pick any of the others before Vipre.

I wonder where avast is…

There are 4 categories. And avast is in the onother one of them.

I saw it in free Av but Avast has also a paid version called fro Avast pro.

Valentin N

Yes of course , this is obvious avast has paid versions. But this is “Readers’ Choice Awards” so they decide what is in and what is not. Nevermind. :wink:

COMODO forever :))) i have voted :))