We Miss You Soya.

Well… we all miss soya don’t deny it. ;D So I made this topic so he can see he was missed while he was on his “break” aka Police found him ;D

I think someone’s in love with Soya… 88)

Soya will always be missed for his insight and intuitive posts.

confirmed! 88)

;D yeah, where did soya go? anyone knows?

Raggy… I’m Goose Goose not GANDA :stuck_out_tongue: ;D

Soya is MajorTom (David Bowies’) character in disguise, don’t call us, we’ll call you…

Xman :-TU 8)

Ragwing, the closer you get to the light the more you are blinded by it as infants are, born into it with all their innocence & lack of malice, they are at that very precise instance pure & with god himself as we all were before…
Peace Bro (:KWL)

Thanks for the ill wishes (I’m not dead BTW 88)), well wishes, compliments, and just … erm … weird coments :slight_smile:

I didn’t miss you. Sorry.

Then why are you here ???

Well Soya… I am secure enough with my sexuality to say I missed you. so WELCOME BACK! ;D

I’m here because I missed you.

aaah there you are (:HUG)
now help me with my confusion. should i go with PS3 or XBOX 360 elite falcon? :-*

Quit spamming my thread >:(

You already asked that many times in your own thread >:(

oh, that one is general public opinion question. and this one is personal heart to heart question for you :-* :-*

I don’t have either so I’m the wrong person to ask


i still love you though :stuck_out_tongue:
wanna hug? ;D (:HUG)

You are a real heartless devil with 6666 posts >:-D

4 sixes don’t mean jack

666 = human number lol


people misunderstood that 666 isn’t satan but human number