We launched an Enterprise Portal. Please tell your IT guys at work about it

Hi Guys

We recently launched our Enterprise Portal.

We would be grateful to all of you if you could please tell your IT guy or System Admin at work about it so that they will consider Comodo for their infrastructure.

Thank you


Nice website…tell those people who worked on it to work on organizing all the CIS sites. :slight_smile:

BTW, I don’t have a job that has a IT guy yet.

Hey Ronny go check this one out, you could use it (:WIN)



Very very nice website, looks very good. I tell some IT guys about this.

I have good friends in some IT schools and IT companies. ;D Most of the people I know is into the net… Almost everyone of them has a social network accounts, I will post this link into my blogsites and social network sites. ;D

I will also send them the link of the website.