wc3 banlist issue

The other 2 topics mentioning banlist didn’t relate to my issue, so I’ll ask here:

I use a program called wc3banlist when running warcraft 3. Despite setting both the banlist program and the warcraft 3 executable to have full access (skip parent check, allow all activities, allow invis connections, skip advanced security checks), I still receive a prompt saying that banlist has modified war3.exe in memory and that this is typical of virus behavior. I know what the program is doing and that it’s legitimate, but I do not know how to prevent prompts from coming up in the future. I permit it every time and check to have it remember the decision, but I still receive the prompts the following time. is there any way to resolve this (besides disabling this part of the firewall’s security, which is obviously not the solution i’d choose)? It’s not a big problem, per se, but an inconvenience every time I want to play. Thanks in advance.