Ways to reduce pop-ups, and provide security. [BRAIN_STORM]

So the aim to CIS is to become a mass used security application and to provide “Trust Online”
Not everyone is familiar with computers, And some of us just can’t be bothred with the pop-ups.

The aim of this thread is to brain storm ways we can provide the same level of serucity (or more) and with less user intervention.

Please, I would like to keep off topic posts to a minimum.

My idea-

Isolation, That is so that we isolate applications such as email clients, browsers. From the rest of the system and their for applications have a set restrictions of what they can actually do. This should be user friendly and not require any notifications

Thats what I like about geswall, And you can refferr to their webpage.

An Example of this is that, Once isolated the browser cannot comunicate with un needed programs (such as keyloggers)

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Who is going to set which apps to isolate? A techie guy can probably set it ok, but what about a normal users?

If the settings are automatic, what if there is a program CIS doesn’t know, then what settings should be in place for it? Whatever settings CIS chooses might make the program not work, and the unskilled user uninstall CIS.

Geswall is very user friendly, And It’s not hard to do it. Just right click “Isolate” And that’s for a new application, If you set your browser/etc to automaticly do this then it pop’s up “Would you like to isolate?” Click yes, and remember.

Where do you click Isolate? In the Geswall GUI, or right on/in the other program’s window, or in a pop-up?

I think it would be nice if CIS had a little box or something kind of attached to the Programs window, and then you could click “Isolate” and it would do that, but what if the user isolates something when it shouldn’t be isolated?