Waving goodbye to 2009

It was a most interesting year again, many things happened and many things changed. I think this movie gives a good view on it : Waving Goodbye to 2009 - YouTube

cheers and all the best for 2010 ! :■■■■


What Are Your “New Years Resolutions” ?

Find My Self Again…

Thats mine lol…

Jacob Kilgore

I found ya, you’re here ;).

Well, I guess I will just do my best in everything… not really a resolution is it ?


25 more minutes to go, 'till 2010.

I won’t miss 2009 a bit.
For me, 2009 is a year of disappointment.
There’s just too many trial going on this whole lot year…

I’ve got a new contract & will starting up a new career along with 2010’s dawn.
I hope this will erase all of those ■■■■■■■ sorrow for good.

Well, I guess that’s my line for 2009.
I don’t have any resolution or promises.
But I’ll do my best; I hope I can keep up with the word though (^_^);

OK guys.
We have fireworks all over the sky, here in Jakarta - Indonesia right now.
15 more minutes to go…

Wish you all a rockin’ new year!
See ya’ next year! ☼

We have some more hours to go here in Western Europe (Amerika didn’t wake up yet :P).

Have a great 2010 Soy, I hope it will be better than 2009 then :).


Ha…Ha… Poor America :stuck_out_tongue:
And thanks for the kind words, XP.

it’s 00.54 here.

according to one of famous (inFamous?) psychics here (mama laurens :D) 40% of Indonesian will be wiped out in 2010 88)
hmm, how do i get myself among the 60%? 88)
2009 sucks :-TD

It’s 4:55pm here in the UK lol still got a while to go yet…

LOL Ganda!
So you listen to that old-bag ‘mama lauren’?

Anyway. Here’s some shot with my lame 2MP LG KG-300.

I live between 2 4-stars hotel. And tonight (as usual) they have a fireworks war!
It’s a shame I don’t have a decent camera to capture it :frowning:

Happy New Year from GMT+7 :wink:

Fireworks are more then 12 hours way…

And its going to be -40 :cry: with WIND CHILL… I think i will just watch it on TV or make it on the computer ;D

lame 88)

well, rule of thumb: when someone,anyone says there would be major catastrophe, you listen & and then check if your insurance covers it ;D

You have never been in -40 weather? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s almost 7pm - 5 hours left.

stop making excuses ;D
kidding dawg, even my fridge’s warmer that your weather 88)

Better than nothing. :stuck_out_tongue:

We have trees around our house and live in a valley so…

My insurance covers death (free too), how about yours? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been in 30 degree weather (Fahrenheit). lol.

Even my FREEZER is warmer than that. :stuck_out_tongue:

2PM here. >.>


Holly-Shoot, man!
-40? Now if only there’s a way to teleport this coke to your place and send it back in a blink of an eye…

And Ganda, you do realize that woman is kinda of…well you know-lah.
But then again, you two match each other.

Happy New Year, guys!

Shoot! Someone stole my sirloin!

Here are the 2010 fireworks from Australia

It’s 20.52 (9pm) here now :).

Happy new year to all the people that are to the east of me ;D