WaterFox is trying to change current settings of your browser.

Hi. Everytime I open WaterFox browser I get this message from COMODO Firewall 10.
I asked WaterFox if it is something wrong with the browser, and the answer was no and told me to contact you.
Is there a way to whitelist the browser ( WaterFox ) ?

Hi Jorge,
We will check.


Sorry, forgot to insert a screenshot. Here it is…

Hi Jorge,
It seems WaterFox browser has opened Firefox setting related file in read-write mode and thus you see that warning.
It may be trying to make any changes in Firefox settings.


So, what’s the answer. Comodo is great most of the time but it can be very annoying as is this “forum”
I live in China so I depend on uTorrent for decent TV How do yo find answers in “search”?

…and, what do you mean ? Is there a solution for this ?

You can turn off ‘Show alerts in case any other software attempts to modify current settings of installed browsers’ under advanced protection settings.

I just reported the issue to WaterFox and they told they gonna fix it.
Thank you very much and sorry for any inconvenience.

That’s great but I’m not sure I understand why they were doing that in the first place. A link to discussion would be nice.