Watching/not watching topics

Hi Guys ,

It may happen that I am not aware currently if anything was done regarding the question / request I’ll post below

One thing I am definitely sure about - the issue was raised previously
I don’t want at this stage apply to any Mods here, so I will make it public

Here is the thing:

As far as I know there is no option to explicitly set “Watch”/ “Stop Watch” topics

Without posting any names and “pointing a finger” … hope that is a correct expression :wink: (U know which one, I mean a finger)

one new user recently became very active here

The essence of what he/she is posting recently (sorry about that) is a complete ■■■■!
“+1” ; “another clapping” ; just an icon of (CLY)" … & other simple remarks that have no value whatsoever (!!!) at all … at least for me

The threads that are many months old ( if not older) are just resurrect for no apparent reason :o

All that was done in a matter of 2 recent days!!! ~80 posts currently having no value at all !!! 4 Gd’s sake !!!

So now when I’m checking the replies I do have 10-15 threads I have to visit for nothing!!!

In other forums that would be considered a pure spam!!!

What can be done? so any user would be able to stop watching the threads that are already dead for ages or that are not in a scope of users’ interest anymore… & so on…

Attn. to : Respectful Moderators

Please do something!!! That is unbearable!!!


rest assured. the necessary action has been done. panic/ewen followed up the issue and we (not “we” actually,i’ve been inactive lately ;D) consider the posts are harmless & the member we don’t point finger to has been warned.
thx for the info :slight_smile:

Thanks, Ganda !

I am not about any actions regarding that particular user, despite i am sure he/she is a spammer & a complete ■■■■ grrrr!

my request was about an ability to switch “Watch / Stop Watch” the topics

Can that be done?!


p.s. the wonderful hunk has 75 posts already compare to ~ 70 when I was posted just 2 hours ago !

What??? " the wonderful hunk" ??? What a beautiful service we are having here

  • I said : “The m o r o n!!!”
...i've been inactive lately ;D
is that possible? Nahhhh! ;D

unfortunately (afaik) you can’t