Was wondering if I added programs I know to Trusted

I was wondering, since that Defense+ is kinda naggy and it gets me annoyed cause I have it installed on 4 pcs, I decided to turn it off. Now if I was going to reinstall CFP v.3 and just open all the programs that I usually run on my pc such as: Spybot, AntiVir, AVG AntiSpyware, Diablo 2, WoW, etc. And when I got the first popup about the apps, if I made them Trusted Applications since I know what they are and use them regularly. Is that gonna stop the popups for some of them when they connect to the internet or is it still gonna ask if it is allowed. I was just wondering…hopefully there is some fixes for this stuff on the way

Yes, that would work, but there is still a lot of “learning” balloons that appear. You can turn them off: Miscellaneous>Settings>General tab - uncheck Show the balloon messages. You can avoid a lot of clicking “treat as Trusted” by setting the defense+ to Training mode: Defense+>Advanced>Defense+ Settings - and set the slider to Training Mode. If you do this and run a bunch of your applications, it will treat them as trusted (I think) and after a couple of days, you can set the mode to a higher security level and you’ll get a lot fewer alerts. You need to be fairly sure that there is no malware present, but even if there is, you can review the Security Policy entries and remove unknown programs from it.