Was someone trying to hack my account?

I don’t know if this should go in here, sorry if its in the wrong one.

I have just received an email saying the “forgot password function” as applied to my account, but seeing as I have not been on here for a while now it certainly wasn’t me. Anyway the IP supplied with the email was:

And the subject:

subject: New password for Welcome to the Comodo Forum

I am presuming that someone was trying to get into my account to use it for whatever they wanted to.

A quick check says its from the Ukraine, so please be careful, someone might be trying to “steal” your account.

The IP address is from Ukraine.
But it’s one of proxy servers.
The actual attacker is from russia not from Ukraine.
It’s a pishing mail.
Do not open that kind of pishing email. Because it might have a malicious code to hijack your
accounts or to make your PC infected with malwares.
If you want to open those kind of email, use a plain text view instead of direct opening.

I’ve also searched the member list and no other member has a similar username to yours. Whoever (or whatever) this person was, it’s not a registered forum member.

Many thanks for the replies, I mainly wanted to let people know about this email, they might be trying other peoples accounts espicially people who don’t use the forum that often.

Thanks again.