Was: email problem. Now: What lies behind "Windows Operating system"?


Did research and solved my problem. Now he question remains: What on earth is Windows Operating System or System in apps list supposed to be, and why can’t I see what it means anywhere? Even on these forums it has not been explained.

In short: “System” handles the sharing of files, folder and printers over the local network and WOS gets given when the process causing the network traffic cannot be identified.

Well I come from Keri 2.1.5 and am really familiar with how these things work in Windows. So as I see it, WOS is System + svchost.exe, and System pretty much equals explorer.exe.

Are there any other programs involved? I think so, because as far as I remember I have seen System doing local multicast. Dunno how this woks in W7 tho, just upgraded from XP. So no, do I do not know.

If you go to Defense+ > Computer Security Policy > Protected Files & Folder > Groups and then scroll, you’ll see which files are under Windows System Applications.

For the firewall it is mainly svchost.exe which establish outbound connection namely to your router, to resolve DHCP and for windows updates.


Hey, that’s interesting!

I wanted to isolate svchost to give it exclusive access to DNS, DHCP and Windows update, so I removed WOS from ruleset. It divided into System and svchost.exe. I wonder what all those other applications want to do with their connection to information highway.

The mysterious “System” is still lurking around Defense+. What could it contain, I wonder…