was cheking on comodo.com differences between CIS 6.3 and Comodo FW 6.3


I was checking features between CIS 6.3 and Comodo FW 6.3

And it’s not clear at all.

Can you tell me if the FW has the great Defense+ module integrated like the one we have on the FW version 5.12 ?

because on the CIS 6.3 features, you can read that the Defense+ is part of CIS.

SO what about the Firewall ? there’s no more Defense+ ? it’s not written into the features that Defense+ is part o the FW.

I hope it’s a misunderstood because I don’t imagine using the FW without the defense+ module…
The firewall 6.3 has the same possibilities as the version 5.12 ?
I mean using the 5.12, it’s set to : nothing can use the network trusted or not if i don’t create a global rule like trusted or things like that.
I do no use those preset rules, it will no more inform me about network activity for each process if i set a preset rule on one of them.
I have to know what’s happening especially with those MS system files process, they talk a lot to the outside and I’m not happy with that.

So, someone can give me objectives reasons to upgrade to this 6.3 FW or even CIS 7 ?
which kind of protection is giving those new version that 5.12 cannot and what is the potential danger for my machines by staying on this 5.12 comparing to 6.3 or 7 ?