warnings [Resolved]

i’m just wondering about how 2 keep the warnings with comodo at a low.
i’ve already chose a setting for a program like IE and Firefox and told comodo to remember it, but the next few days or so, the warning pops up again. how can i control this?

La13, welcome to the forum.

Hopefully you’ll find this thread useful: https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,6908.0.html

The default alert setting is already at Low, but you can set it to Very Low: Adv > Security > Misc > Config > Alert Frequency Level

oh, ok. i’ll try that, thanks :slight_smile:

but turning it to that setting will not make my system vulnerable will it?

In the modest sense, not really. There’s a poll about which setting users prefer and even Egemen (lead programmer) prefers Very Low: https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,2209.0.html

I personally prefer the default Low because I don’t need to deal with specific IP’s and ports as with High and Very High, yet I want to at least know that a program may need TCP and UDP. With Very Low, you’ll only be asked once for a program I think. Now, that’s excluding other factors like if the parent executable is different (e.g. some other program launches the program that’s connecting to the internet). The thread in my prior post that I linked explains better in detail about other alerts and it’s got pictures! oooohhh ;D

the only thing i’m worried about is the program being attacked because i won’t get no warning because i already gave the program a setting…

I’m not sure what you mean by “no warning because i already gave the program a setting…”???

Can you provide an example? Do you mean Application Monitor (sometimes I refer to as appmon or Application rule for short, etc.)?

i mean like say for some reason i get this virus or what not. it opens a browser of mine on its own because comodo didn’t give its word in. something like that, not sure if its that clear of an explination…i’m not extremely good with computers

Whether you set the alert level to very low or very high, you’ll still be alerted. This is because Comodo Firewall Pro (CFP) is currently the best against leak tests and because the other settings like in Application Behavioral Analysis decide whether the virus will be “detected” or not. Keep in mind that in current versions CFP will only alert programs that attempt to connect to the internet because it’s not a virus scanner.

The alert frequency level setting only specifies how many alerts you get because the virus could be connecting out to different IP addresses and/or ports.

Per the poll link above:

ok, to clear everything up here, this is the main thing:

as long as comodo is running, it will detect any other program trying to access the internet no matter what level of alert frequency is and inform you. (or is it something else? ???)

1st Pic = Alert Frequency = How many alerts will I get per program trying to connect to/from the net

2nd Pic = Application Behavioral Analysis = The baby that detects any programs trying to bypass the firewall (i.e. anti-leak features against malware like viruses). Just leave everything enabled as per the default setup to get almost the maximum security.

There other options, but the default set is already secure as it is. In other words, don’t worry :slight_smile:

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so i can put the alert frequency to very low and i would still get notifications when another program is trying to access something like firefox even i already got comodo to allow firefox just to be launched?

(sorry if i’m being somewhat paranoid…i just had this thing on my computer one time and i don’t want it again)

Yes. If you’ve allowed say Firefox internet access and clicked on the Remember option in a past alert, in the Application Monitor you should see a rule(s) for it. Now say if something else or some other program attempts to connect through or launches Firefox other than normal means like through your desktop shortcut, CFP will alert you because it hasn’t been in your Application Monitor (kind of like your approved list) yet.

oh, ok. i got it now. thanks soya! (:CLP)