Warning Will Robinson

Hello,it has been awhile.this is an alert of what users might see when CIS gets compromised.

if your GUI and or tray icon turns yellow and does not respond or update.

there is a very good chance the machine has been infected. how this happened remains unclear.
unfortunately I had to find out the hard way. cha ching

after contacting Meileh direct about who to ask about the guarantee after explaining the situation
which wreaked havoc on an entire network an answer was never given about the guarantee.

to that end may I respectfully request if this happens to anyone they contact the phone number at the top of this forum for assistance.(suggest writing it down).

the hard way means it took a technician awhile to figure it out it was a virus or viruses that infected one machine more than the others in the network.

when same symptoms started on others in the network.
We found it necessary to remove CIS altogether.

Finally after making intial contact I was asked to send a sample to The Comodo Group.
this would be well and fine had we known before hand the machine in question Was infected.

stopping Internet Explorer dead in its tracks and shutting it and the machine down for No apparent reason.

The network is up and running again minus CIS

but with something that will not cause any problem or conflicts.
it was good while it was working THAT cannot and will not be denied.
we hope it does not or has not happened to anyone else.

Cheerz and stay safe out there

Thank you for your issue report. I am glad to tell you this issue is already known, well documented, and awaiting a fix. We are not looking for further reports at present. A temporary fix, if there is one, may be listed here. I am forwarding this post to a relevant help forum so you can receive further help if needed. Please also look in the FAQ in this help forum, as it may also be of assistance.

Another mod reminded me that you are also concerned regarding the CIS guarantee.

If this is your key concern it would probably be better to forward this to the Feedback forum, and see if Melih can help you. Maybe there has been some misunerstanding - he is a very helpful guy in my experience.

I’m afraid I don’t know much about how the guarantee operates. I think you’ll probably need a memeber of staff to help you with that.

Would you like me to forward this post to Feedback?

Best wishes


You can try Mike Thank You.Strange how no one else reports or knows too much about it.say try because it is now water under the bridge.
if Melih could not do anything without a sample(was not going to wait for the network to be infected)We do not expect anything months later.
gracious offer though Thanks


PM to Melih sent.

Best wishes


The problem you are experiencing may be this bug or a related bug which causes the same symptoms when a computer is re-started abnormally or accessed using remote desktop software:

Alternatively it may be that your AV updates have become corrupted. There’s a rather old faq on how to resolve this: here. Alternativels you could ask for help on this speific issue in the AV help forum: here.

Hope this helps

Best wishes