(Warning) This Maybe distressing to some.

Hi everyone. What I am about to tell you is very personal and usually kept for family only, but I do regard Comodo and all members family so I would like to tell you what happened. My Dad has been a good man all his life, I have had numerous years of love, pleasure and experiences with him. Dad has had a rough couple of years fighting a severe illness, this has been very hard seeing him like this with all his independence taken from him. Even during this time he still showed great love and high spirits with jokes and laughter. Dad was a fighter, but he lost his fight yesterday. This has caused deep sadness, but it has in a way caused some relief for us knowing his suffering has ended. Sorry if anyone finds this Topic distressing or to personal, but I do regard you guys/girls as my family. To Dad we have been very lucky to have you in our lives. Thankyou Dad rest easy now, you will never be forgotten. Love always.

sorry to hear about your loss :frowning:

My condolences to you for loosing your beloved father… loosing a parent is a tough place to be…

… I am sad to hear of your loss,

Your dad, will be remembered in your heart i’m sure of it, and now I want to thank you for sharing with us for now that he will be in our hearts and minds :slight_smile:

May I send you a personal message?


My heartfelt condolences for your loss. :cry:

Thankyou to you all for your kindness and thoughts, it means alot to be able to share so much with you all. Also thanks Ewen for you PM it was very nice.

To Jake thankyou, and yes you are more than welcome to send me a Pm.
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All my best to you and your family.

Very sorry to hear of your terrible loss captainsticks.
I’m glad you will have pleasant memories of your dad all the rest of your life.


Sorry to hear of your loss. (:SAD) :cry: :frowning:

To you all thankyou for your kind replies, I sincerely appreciate all your thoughts.

My condolences, captain

Be strong. That’s a life
Finding “this Topic distressing or to personal” should not be an issue.
It’s better to talk and express your feelings rather than keeping that inside.
We all understand the state of your mind

Take care, man

Thanks SiberLynx for your nice words. It is nice to be able to talk openly here.

Sorry to hear about your loss, he may be gone but always remembered and loved in your heart and mind. It maybe a hard time for you, but in time you will feel more at ease to tell people of all the fun times you had with him, he will be looking down on you with a great smile on his face I’m sure of it.

My deepest condolences .
My father has diabetes and i often worry about him.
Unfortunately he drinks also.
I dont drink myself .Never liked the stuff.

But what can you do.?

hope your ok,

regards. (:SAD) (:HUG)

Thanks Darren and AyeAyeCaptain.
To Darren. I wish all the best to you and your Father, I hope he starts listening to you about drinking, it doesn’t go well with diabetes. And yes we are ok thanks.
To everyone. I wasn’t sure how everyone would react to a Topic of this nature, I wasn’t sure if to start it or not. I am glad I started it and I am totally heartfelt by the support you have all gave. Thanks

Lets all start singing :slight_smile:

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:slight_smile: We are family! There people here you can talk to like a human :slight_smile:


To Jake. Well done and I would like to thankyou for everything you have said and done. Kind regards to you and all the very best.

Sorry to hear of your loss.
Deepest sympathy and best wishes.

I’m sorry for your loss.

In a way I know how you must have felt. I lost my dear grandmother about 2 months ago. I too watched her suffering for weeks before she passed away. I still love her very much and miss her from time to time.

I was actually told she was going to be taken from us through a dream which was not a dream(no visual or anything just overwhelming feelings) that left me utterly sadand woke me up in the middle of the night. about 8 weeks before she had gotten ill. I said my goodbye in that dream and told her I loved her very much.

I hope she’s with God. If she didn’t deserve heaven nobody would.

I’m all ears if you need someone. I know I’m a stranger but perhaps sometimes that would be better.

Sorry to hear about your recent loss captainsticks, my mum had a heart attack ~5 years ago after which she had a stent inserted. Things had been fine till Thursday/Friday when she started with chest pains.
Anyway she`s in hospital at the moment and is going down for an Angiogram today so fingers crossed things will be allright.

Take care,