"WARNING" This is "Advanced Registry Tool"

Dear “Melih”

I am very impressed.
This is one of the most Advanced Registry Scanning tools I have ever seen.

The worst part of Registry tools out there in space (the web) really suck, mainly because they are so minimal in capabilities, either the free or cost type. The main reason is because most people using registry tools “do not understand the registry, what it does and how it works”.
“BUT This one is Very Extreme”. (R) Using this one will give you greater understanding of the Registry and what is involved in its operation.
Anyone trying out this beta version must use extreme caution in the clean mode. A very large amount of the entries loaded in the scan will disrupt not only your Operating System but also any of your apps loaded on your PC.

I highly recommend that you analyze every entry on the first run and uncheck or “Add Key to ignore list” if you are not sure about it or you know that it is used in the OPSys.

Sincere Thanks

Have you ever heard of MVRegClean? It is a free tool and one of the best. I have been using for a few months and does a very great job. It isn’t either aggressive or soft to find uneeded registry entries. It is perfect.

I am not saying that CRC is bad. It isn’t. They both have their advantages. After trying CRC, I could see that MVRegClean still found alot of uneeded entries.

CRC still has a long way to go, but I like the idea behind it: clean without messing with keys that ought not to be messed with. Most of similar tools (developers) don’t give a ■■■■ about it.

Hi everyone (:WAV) ,  

We have analyzed MV Reg Clean and we discovered the following :

It scans for erros in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CLASSES key  and also in the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT witch is a copy of the first key  .  It practically [b]counts some errors twice [/b] . 
 For example , if you select only one error from the error list , error from HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT key , and you delete that one  , at the next scan you will be surprised to see that the number of errors found, with be with 2 less  ,not with 1,  as suposed to . 

The same thing happens with HKEY_USERS key and with HKEY_CURRENT_USER witch is a copy of the first one .

It also  scans in some locations , that CRC ignores them ,  because it ruined our virtual machines completely.

MV Reg Clean still founds errors after a CRC clean because it scans for all SERVICES from LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM , thing that maybe will be implemented in a future release . We aren’t sure how safe it is to delete those ones . It stiill needs some tests.

Anyway try the other way around , clean with MV Reg Clean and scan with CRC and see what happens. I’m sure you will find plenty of errors :■■■■ .

Hey Andrew.

Yes, indeed. But I guess it’s the catch of using MV Reg Clean :wink: … There is always a catch!! No matter what … :slight_smile:

What I do like in CRC, as I mentioned before, and just as you mentioned quite well, is that CRC won’t mess with keys that if deleted, might ruin the system. I would say that 98% of companies that develop such tools don’t give a ■■■■ about it. They just detect it all, either invalid entries, temporary entries, etc.

I also like that it won’t eliminate those entries that are placed when we input USB devices, such as PENs, MP3 Players, etc. MV Reg Clean, does. So as you can see, there is always a catch!

As I said, CRC is still in its youth and as all to be the best, for all the reasons! Keep the good work CRC team!


Yes, impressive as expected from Comodo. I’ve been using Comodo Firewall Pro and witnessed how sophisticated and ease of use that is for a full protection from a free product and it seemed the tradition goes on to next products to come.
Anyhow, there’s still something make me a little bit worries by seeing how much registry errors it caught. Well, it’s in beta stage anyway, can’t expected too much, can I?

Try CRC against Argente registry Cleaner.

It found some items which seemed pretty basic to me after running CRC, for example the path to two deleted .exe files and MRU lists.

I’ve successfully deleted services with RegSeeker, and I haven’t encountered any problems due to that. It would be nice to include this in CRC (and the History cleaning feature of RegSeeker - if not included in CRC, then in your upcoming “junk cleaner” which I know you will release ;)) so I can skip RegSeeker. ;D


Hi ,

Argente Registry Cleaner deletes all the History List , MRU list no matter the values are invalid or not  . CRC deletes only the invalid ones .

OK, understood. Thanks for the information.

However, CRC definitely misses some invalid items (perhaps certain parts of the registry) on my system.

This key contains the paths to several .exe files that were deleted, making the entries invalid. CRC doesn’t detect those.

These keys both contain this:
“C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\winamp5541_full_emusic-7plus_nl-nl\winamp.exe”
This is incorrect, because the file was deleted. CRC does not detect that.