Warning Popup when installing Comodo Firewall

When installing Comodo Firewall it produces a popup warning about any third party Firewalls you might have installed on your PC.
My suggrstion is why not another popup that warns you about having any kind of Leak Test installed on your PC. It will allow as passed Leaktest if on all ready installed on PC.

Well not a bad idea but why keep leak tests installed on your pc. Use them then dump them. Put them on a cd if you want to run regular tests.

No it wont. :wink:

If installed the leak test on your PC… Or used it without CFP 3 is no difference. CFP 3 will catch it even if you used it or not without CFP 3 installed before. Clean PC Mode… YES off course it will assume it’s safe when already installed… but Safe Mode changes all that regarding D+.

Sorry if I was being a bit confusing… lol :slight_smile: