WARNING: not to install v5.5

Stop right there WxMan1. Think before you type.

Neither I, HeffeD or Radaghast work for Comodo, we’re just users like yourself. No support has been dropped (arbitrarily or otherwise). You were mistaken.

No one is throwing anyone under the bus WxMan1. No one is trying to be arrogant.

CFP 2.4 was the last version of the firewall to officially support Server 2003. This was back in 2008. Everything from CFP 3.0 (Also 2008) to the present, (That includes the introduction of the standalone AV, and its incorporation with the firewall, becoming CIS) has only officially supported Win XP, Vista, or Windows 7.

Here is a post from 2008 by a moderator at the time quoting the system requirements for CFP 2.4 and 3.0.

Here is another post from 2008 from the CFP 3.0 FAQ mentioning the system requirements, and it even recommends running CFP 2.4 if you are a Win 2000 user because it is no longer officially supported as well. What are the system Requirements for CFP 3?

Here is a CFP 3.0 release post, which mentions the system requirements. COMODO Firewall has been released !

Here is a thread from 2009 (After CIS has been released) from a user mentioning issues while running Server 2003. Firewall is not working properly (serious problem)
Please note the reply from EricJH mentioning that CIS does not support Server 2003, and the reply from Vettetech quoting the requirements page which lists only Win XP SP2 and 32-bit Vista.

So if you choose to disregard these posts, that is indeed your prerogative. The fact remains that support for server 2003 was not recently removed as you say. Official support was discontinued on the firewall back in 2008, and CIS has never officially supported the OS.

If the facts make me your worst enemy, I am very sorry about that because I harbor no malice towards you, nor am I attempting arrogance. I’m only here to help.