Warning messages firefox.exe??

dont understand why I receive always warning messages from Comodo Firewall (ver 2.4.18) regarding Firefox.exe and different IP addresses and ports.
In the configuration I told Comodo to allow all IP addresses and all ports!

Why does this not take affect?


The firewall not only creates a rule for the application, but also for the Parent a.k.a. the host process. So for example, if Outlook Express is your default email client and Firefox is your default browser, if you were to click a link in an email, the firewall will popup an alert because the OE executable called “msimn.exe” has beome the host process.

The object of the exercise is to prevent malware from piggybacking onto an authorized application like Firefox in order to gain Internet access. This is one of the reasons the Comodo firewall can always be found in the Top 5 list of leak-proof firewall tests such as those conducted by Matousec.com