Warning in event log entry: File System Filter 'CFRMD'

I’m seeing this popup a lot in event viewer any insight into this would be appreciated… Here is the full event and I’m seeing it for multiple devices;

File System Filter ‘CFRMD’ (Version 6.1, ‎2012‎-‎07‎-‎16T22:05:37.000000000Z) failed to attach to volume ‘\Device\CdRom1’. The filter returned a non-standard final status of 0xc01c0016. This filter and/or its supporting applications should handle this condition. If this condition persists, contact the vendor.


FinalStatus 0xc01c0016
DeviceVersionMajor 6
DeviceVersionMinor 1
DeviceNameLength 5
DeviceName CFRMD
DeviceTime 2012-07-16T22:05:37.000000000Z
ExtraStringLength 14
ExtraString \Device\CdRom1

CFRMD driver belongs to Comodo System Utilities. Is it installed at the moment?

It also gets left behind sometimes after uninstalling CSU. I recently disabled it at one of my Windows installations. It showed up in the Windows logs but I could not find it with Sysinternal’s Autoruns if I recall correctly. I disabled it either with Killswitch under the Services tab or with Gmer under the service list.

I found the autorun entry with autoruns, unchecked it… It is not installed as a driver in device manager → hidden devices and so maybe it is just a remnant of the sys utils like you were saying. I remember there being a problem with the Geek buddy install I think… Right now I have dragon and the firewall installed so I either removed the other components or they just failed to install for some reason. The firewall itself seems to run fine…I might re-install, not sure though, I guess I will wait and see if any more issues pop up. Thanks.