Warning if huge download needed

Would it be possible to give a warning when an update is going to be huge? I have quite a slow connection due to where I now live in the world and, this morning, updated, as was suggested by Comodo, and it downloaded over 110 MB and it took ages. I don’t mind downloading such a large amount but would like to know if it’s going to be so big so I can do my usual morning Internet stuff and then let it download.

I never know how big the update is going to be and once it’s downloaded more than 10MBish I don’t want to cancel it cos I’d then just have to download it all again. I’d just like to know so I can schedule when I do the download if ya see what I mean.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Only the initial database update when first installing CIS is large (it must download around 104mb). After that it should only be quick, short updates a few times daily. Is this the first time you’ve updated the anti virus database?

No, it’s not the first time, it’s been updating itself several times a day for months and months. It usually is short and sweet, but yesterday, for some reason, it was an update which required me to “restart my computer for the updates to take effect” and was over 100 MB. Maybe it needed to download the whole database again for some reason?

Thanks for your reply.

It definitely sounds like it, but I’m not sure why it would need to do that. Anyway, is it updating normally again?

Yes, it’s back to normal now. I thought it may have been a special update on that particular day and just wondered if you could add a warning if such things are necessary.

Thanks for your reply.

It needed to do a proper update the other day, as in an application update with the little logo in the system tray with the lovely flames coming out the side of the icon and, again, it gave me no warning as to how big the update was going to be apart from the 1%, 2% etc and we all know how unreliable such percentage-based progress reports are. Could it not just say “Comodo needs to update, it will be such and such a size, do you want to do it now or later”?

I know this is a minor point for a free application but this is just a wishlist after all! :slight_smile:


I think some kind of info that tells how big the update is and how many MB is left to download wouldn’t hurt.
The progress bar we have now is/feels very inaccurate. :-\ :o

The AV is updated far too often to ask the user every time… But maby some kind of “max”, eg if download is bigger than 30 MB ask me… or something like that…

I wasn’t necessarily referring to the usual short virus database updates, I meant, as you say, big ones such as application updates or if it needs to download the whole database again as it seemed to need to do before I wrote my original post.

Also, if you click when the popup says “there is an update ready” then it doesn’t even give you a progress bar, I only get that if you manually go to Comodo and “Check for Updates”. I just get the little systray icon with a percentage if you hover over it if I click when the popup appears.

I guess ask is not necessary.

Avira, for example, open a new window called update.exe, in this window we have the progression bar, the size of the download, the time remaining and an option to stop/end update.

So, why ask?

If you don’t want continuous the update, you stop this process and download an offline database update.

Can the download be compressed? ???

Sure. People have compressed the bases.cav file with huge savings in file size. The devs are quiet (as usual) as to why they won’t compress the database.

In v4 you will see during the update what the size is and progress bar.

Version 4 is what we keep hearing… so when is the much toted version 4 going to be released…

As in date? … anything else is vaporware…

It’s currently in alpha testing. Comodo released a promo video saying it would be released in February 2010, but that seems like an optimistic date as it hasn’t even had a beta release yet. Unless the release mentioned would be the beta release…

Since I’ve been spending a good chunk of my free time here on these forums trying to sort out CIS’s problems , I’d love to take a ■■■■■ at Version four testing… At least I’d get something for my time and trouble…

Until that happens, vaporware is vaporware…

But, thanks for the info anyway!