Warning icon in system tray

I have recently installed comodo firewall, in the system tray the comodo icon is displaying an exclamation mark and when i open it, it says defence plus id not functioning properly.

I run the diagnostics but it doesnt find a problem.
Can anyone help?

ps. im running XP Pro sp3.

Hi Brizzoluk, welcome to the forums.

Are you logged in as Administrator or a User? I believe that if you’re logged in as a normal user, you cannot really use CIS’s front-end, since CIS needs Admin privileges. I think you get a yellow triangle with a exclamation mark on the systray icon when an alert has been issued that you cannot answer (due to a User account having insufficient privileges for CIS rule creation). And I believe that is by design. Usually, the alert is an Firewall or Defense+ alert for some application that was denied something… or lots of things even.

Hello thanks for the reply.
I am logged on as an administrator but the icon has dissapeared now strangely!