Warnig Dangerous False Positve who can damage System

Hello , first of all sorry for my Bad English

I have Warning for a False Positive if you Using the Maleware Scanner in CPF v3.1

If u have installed TuneUp Utilities and you have used the TuneUpDesigner to Change the LogOn Screen for WinXP and later the Scanner from Commodo Firewall is running, so the Scanner says:
“WinlogOn Patched Trojan xxx” and when you put this in Quarantane or delete it, your System dosent start again.

This is defently NoVirus i have tested it with diffrent Original Versions from Tune Up Utilities, if u Change the LogOn Screen with some other from the TuneUp Software, Comodo Scanner says “Trojan”!

DO NOT DELETE IT, OR YOU SYSTEM DOSN`T SART!! Plese fix this Bug because many People using TuneUpUtilities!

And for other Poeple please dont use only the Scanner in CPF for a VirusScan (Sorry Comodo) because the detection Rate is not really good and you have often false Positves! Better use Avast 4.8 or Avira AntiVir for Viruses and a-squared for Malware

mfg Frogshock

This has been brought up in other posts. With any program whether it is an antivirus or antispyware you should never delete a file to you verify that the file is an actual virus.

No even sure if this can be considered “false-positive” since technically TuneUpDesigner in this case is behaving like a trojan…
Also somewhat surprising that you performed both actions (modification and deletion) yet apparently you assign the blame completely to Comodo…

Since it isn’t a “trojan” Comodo is wrong so who else to blame ?

That being said, recommending Avast to avoid false positives isn’t the best advice,
Avast is notorious for flagging harmless files as “Virus” or “Trojan” .

ALL anti viruses and anti spywares have false positives. I use Avira Premium which is one of the best anti viruses out there and I had false positives with it.

excuse my English
I read a lot of Posts about this Theme many free Viruses scanner found this all that winlogon is a Virus.
I have a original winlogon.exe with comodo firewall scanner tests and it say is a Virus.