Warn about update size before starting

Today’s AV update was 27.9MB. That’s bigger than the entire CFP download a few versions ago, but never mind that: it is expensive and slow for those of us on less privileged networks.

Please advise on the size of the update before starting it and let the user defer to a later time! (E.g. when less busy or not on expensive 3G mobile.)

Also - but more difficult to develop - please allow downloading up the updates once and applying them to other PCs in the home (or small business).

That one is coming… I think! (:HUG) (:KWL)


I think the whole update window could do with an overhaul to be more informative.

Show File Size, Previous Version #, Current Version #, How long until it finishes downloading, Better progress bar (mine goes 5%, 30&, 60%, done…)





  • 5 billion :wink:

+1 But there should have an option for decrease warning message (Not display all time when update.)

+1 This facility of downloading updates separately will be very helpful, also to give to offline users who using CIS (as antivirus), And also Update GUI is having 5%, 30 %, 50%, 60% etc. its should show percentage like 5%, 6% … etc. like in details,
Updates need to be broken in many segments for download, and the resume feature should be there so if download fails at 14% when u start updating again it should start from 14% onwards rather than downloading entire thing again. :P0l
Comodo team please look into this wants… i agree wants are many from user but to implement them in software takes some time :a0
I m hopeful though that all these features will be added into CIS very soon. :-TU