WARN about game mode being unsafe like trainings mode (especially for firewall)

We get a game mode with a gamepad as symbol. :slight_smile:

But if we press the game mode button, trainings mode is enabled! :open_mouth:
Undetected things are permanently (read: forever) allowed to phone to the internet, undetected things get permanent rules of blueprinted “allow”, … people will forget to disable game mode as its not obvious to them that the whole CIS is in trainings mode.

IF the sandbox protects some aspects, the game mode button is present for people who do not run the sandbox.

Sure, you can say, read the manual… but the “?” on that page does not give ANY information about game mode.

Game mode and game pad is misleading and dangerous!

We need a warning at first use with a “dont show again X”, about what using game mode trainings mode could have as consequences.
Or we need a button that is called trainings mode, combined with symbols like:
-a read-circle- cross over “firewall”, defense+ etc.

At least tell the people that they should use game mode once per game, very short. Thats unsafe enough allready, but responsible.

beaten by the clock(work) :wink: