Wanting to get back to CIS if possible

Long story short…

…After years of using COMODO without too many issues :wink: on my Vista Box, the April 2013 update came with a nasty surprise for me…

…COMODO prevented my Vista to boot properly (Failed at loading drivers stage). I spent quite some time trying to debug which driver was failing (everything pointed at cdfs.sys, a driver to read CD filesystems, which, OFC, I failed to explain how it could be linked with CIS operations at all) and wasted around 60 hours of tests until the only option was to perform a systematic unistall of anything changed since the last “stable” period. This pointed CIS April Update as the culcript. Since I unistalled CIS I haven’t had any problems at all but…

…I’m not happy with the alternatives I have been forced to use so…

…I have been monitorizing the releases and now we are on 6.2, but I would like to check detailed changelogs to see if there is a fix for the boot problems I was experiencing back on April. Is there a place to check for this (That’s a detailed changelog of the 2 last updates)? I don’t want to expose my system to unnecesary risks by doing a “trial by fire” approach (I don’t miss CIS that much… Still ;)), so I would like to see if there is something changed that could prevent the problem from happening.

This shouldn’t have happened then either, but I can tell you that the most recent version is much more stable than the version which was released then. What I would advise is trying it, but before you do please follow the advice in this topic in order to remove any leftovers which may still be on your computer.

Let me know how it goes.


Thanks for the fast reply.

After following your points about completely erasing traces of any security software I tried a “trial by fire” (Simply going in and install latest CIS) and failed again.

At least this time I got a consistent BSOD (Happens on all boots after CIS was installed) and offered a bit more info than back on April, but still not good enough to invest more time trying to overcome this nasty combo.

Back on April I simply got random reboots (as often as 4 times in a row and averaging around 2 failures per 5 boots) on driver load phase, no info.

Now at least I get a nice BSOD informing that:


C0000269   CC6BA0  10117290 0 0

…Researching it a bit, similar issues inform about the 2 DLLs involved, which is not the case for this problem which seems to suggest that at least one of the DLLs is not containing the detailed information required for the error reporting system to tell me what’s going on.

OFC further net research about the error codes didn’t yield anything usefull.

So I’m afraid that this is the kind of complex 2 steps error conditions that takes forever to fix.

So I’m afraid CIS is not for this system still :frowning: (And considering it’s a Vista x64, already “old”, I highly doubt it will ever be as development focuses on more advanced OSs).

This is a BSOD I had not seen before. A Google search brings up mostly old problems with XP years ago. Do I understand correctly that the BSOD does not state any information about involved a file causing it? Does BlueScreenView may be bring a little more insight here?

Other than that since system files are involved (cdfs.sys and unknown dll file) I would advice to let system file checker check the integrity of your Windows installation.

Then I did a Google search to see if may be malware could be disguising as cdfs.sys. Apparently Stuxnet does. Please scan your system to see if there is malware present or not. Use the following tools:
TDSS Killer with all bells and whistles
Bitdefender anti rootkit
Hitman Pro
Comodo Cleaning Essentials