Want to work for Comodo?

Want to work for Comodo? Must be driven and entrepreneurial and doer! Position for 5 People in Jersey City,NJ. Must be a technologist with great marketing skills. Best of all, these 5 will personally be trained by me (CEO/Founder, Melih Abdulhayoglu). If you or someone you know fits the bill then please send the resume to recruitment@comodo.com with a subject line “Comodo Forum”.



mod edit: corrected email address

Thank you for informing us, Melih.

Is there any recruitment for Security Experts Like me?

2 things.

what kind of expertise u have?
which location?

(u can pm them to me pls).

I Wish I could live in NJ :smiley:

Thank you sir, i have PMed you.

Is there any openings in Chennai?