Want to uninstall DNS service but the tutorial does not work

When I try to follow this guide: Comodo Secure DNS - Windows Vista Settings | Comodo Internet Security v.6.3

which I found on another thread I get another window, this one:

Does anyone know what to do? Thanks in advance.

You need to right click on your network adaptor and choose properties from the list then follow instructions in the page you show at the top of your post.

Yeah, I did that, but instead of this: http://help.comodo.com/uploads//Comodo%20Internet%20Security/1bca1244957cf78a78b90fc0d6acd490/5eac818f1e1c4adc19d335055b06586b/e9a1fedd57bb2e4b42ea02a3afa2885c/dns_win_vista_step6.gif

I got the windows I posted in my previous reply.

I see why it is part of a Network bridge, will see if one of the Moderators uses this type of connection to help you.