Want to try CIS. Questions

Hello all

I am a long time user of Comodo Firewall and I am a very happy user. This is actually the 3rd computer where I have Comodo Firewall.

I have read about the new and improved CIS, read the comments and read reviews and I would be interested in trying it. I do however have a few questions:

  1. Currently I have Avast as my main anti-virus. What I would like to do is

-either run both Avast and Comodo at the same time
-either deactivate Avast( I don’t really want to uninstall) while I try Comodo

Is that possible? do I need to just disable all the avast shields?

  1. I play many video games and I do lots of work on my laptop using different browsers. Is Comodo going to block applications/browsers/sites?


Many people are currently using Comodo and Avast together. In fact it is a very good combination.

I don’t use them and am not sure whether there are certain settings to change in Avast, but perhaps someone else can comment on that.

As for whether CIS would block applications, well it may if they’re unknown. If this is the case then you will get a popup asking you whether you want to keep it sandboxed. If you select to never sandbox it again then the file will be added to the safe files list and you will not have further problems with it.

It’s not too difficult. Also, the only part that would possibly block websites is the SecureDNS that comes with it. If you like you can disable this during install.

Thank you.

Yea, I tried the DNS, but it was beginning to create me problems with sites/applications. So I switched to OpenDNS

Wouldnt there be conflicts between Avast and Comodo if used together?

Install Comodo Firewall, without the AV.

Also, you may want to read this post.

Please let us know if you have any more questions.


nope OpenDNS should not cause any conflict with avast or comodo

I already have that setup.
What I would like is actually try the full CIS without having uninstall Avast.

You will still have 2 AVs installed at the same time. That can cause conflicts.

how about disabling all avast shields? would that help?

Didnt you say in your original post that you would be installing comodo firewall (this only includes firewall and defense +) so there wont be a problem running avast. You will just have to add the appropriate exclusions for each other. Try watching this video. It shows you how to setup avast and comodo to work together.

If you want to run the antivirus component of CIS then you will have to uninstall avast

avguste, if you want to try CIS (Comodo FW+AV), you have to shut down all avast! shields permanently.
Then you can use avast! as on-demand scanner.
Don’t use both real-time AV components at the same time.
When it comes to gaming, you can turn on Game Mode in CIS through tray icon.

I have to say one that uses COMODO Anti-Virus it has the most false positives of any Anti-Virus program I’ve ever used. I have in the past used Avast, AVG, Bit Defender, ClamWin, Anti-Vir free and Malwarebytes Free and none of them has as many false positives as Comodo Anti-Virus. The only reason I am still using the Anti-Virus of Comodo is I want a all in one security suite not two separate programs. You have to know what is on your computer that is safe because Comodo will say a lot of them are malware. Just ignore the false positive and move on.

With the latest CIS, you will have problem if both realtime AVs arerunning. You will have to either disable the realtime shield - File system shield of Avast or disable the AV of CIS. I found out the hard way… :cry:

You can always turn off Heuristics.
It generates most FPs.

Thanks but my point is that those other Anti-Virus programs has Heuristics and somehow they seem to keep there false positive down. Also with Heuristics off according to most reviewers the detection rate goes down. Basic what I am trying to say there has to be a way to keep detection as high as possible without all these false positives. Other programs seem to be able to do it why not Comodo ?

So Avast would remain on my system, but not be active.Correct? And it wouldnt conflict with the full CIS?

and dont you realise that comodo has one of the strongest heuristics around?