Want to report undetectable virus

Hey Comodo,im writing you about this that in infected with RAT from my friend,which remain after reinstall of Windows and is undetectable by all av’s .All i know that he is very experienced in hacking and he has written the virus.The problem is that i dont have the “virus file” with who i were infected.Hope you can inspect my system and make virus definitions and be the first who will discover it and protect your users.

Please read my article on this page. It should allow you to identify the unknown files which may be the malware you are referencing.


he has written the virus
If it's .net coding, then I would give him alot less credit then your giving him now :-La

May be he was just bragging and scaring you believing he infected your system?

Here’s a link to report malware directly to comodo. (There’s several ways for your convenience) :slight_smile:

Hey SketchMan,

Just to let you know, If you really do have a rat on your machine, it probably has a keylogger on your machine too!!! If this is the case and this person is nosy, this person is going to know you created and posted this topic here. <—Just trying to help you realize that, in case you haven’t thought of that :-La