Want to edit my previous response to a Defense Alert HOW

I responded to a Defense Alert to Block FTP access to my computer and the “Remember my Answer” check box was selected. WHERE IS THIS STORED AND HOW DO I EDIT/CHANGE IT?

Hi tewawitz,

Defense+ rules can be found on the GUI, Defense+, Advanced, Computer Security Policy.
If you click that you can edit it’s settings or chose to delete it so it can give you a “new” alert.
Once changed you click appy to save the changes.

I ran “netstat -p” to find the executable responsible for FTP port 21 access. The executable is “inetinfo.exe” which I removed from Defense+ rules, but I still can’t connect via a browser to my FTP server “ftp://external_ip_address”. Also I’ve forwarded port 21 to my local IP address in my cable modem.

Note: I can and always have been able to connect from anywhere via “ftp -A external_IP_address”, but I can only connect from within my firewall (Virtual PC running Windows XP) via a browser.

Any ideas.

More info:

If users are forced to authenticate then FTP works via the browser, but this sends user credentials unencrypted over the Internet. I will continue to work on this. Thanks.


For these kind of rules you need the Firewall, Advanced, Network Policy to allow stuff in to your system.

Also please read this to better understand FTP because it’s a bit more complex than a web server to host.

If you are on you internal network you should access your FTP server on it’s internal address, accessing it on the external address from within the internal network gives all kinds of complications.

Your traffic has to go out to the router and then in the router needs to be port translated back in to the internal network coming from and going to the same ip address.