want to block a96-6-176-80.deploy.akamaitechnologies.com

The subject pretty much says it all, although I would prefer to generically block *.deploy.akamaitechnologies.com because the first portion of the URL seems to vary.

My Comodo nubie attempts at network “Host Name” blocking have been unsuccessful, nor has my blocking of

Thank you

Have you tried under “Define A New Blocked Application” or “My Blocked Network Zones”?

I’m not sure which application is sending the request so I placed a single IP block with logging into the global network rules, but it does not seem to do anything either with host name or IP.

The first part of the url changes because akamai technologies hosts blocks of servers for various websites you visit, and there are a lot of them, and you are redirected to them by http. So blocking any one of them shouldn’t have much effect. What are you trying to do? If you block them all, you will lose the ability to visit many websites.

I’ve read that concern about blocking AKAMAI before, however this request is from someplace other than a browser and for now I’m willing to accept losing some websites.

Blocking *.deploy.akamaitechnologies.com was accepted but did nothing.

Hi arnb (:WAV)

Is this connecting out through your browser?
What application is it connecting out through,it must be something thats in your application rules.

If it is your browser change your browser to “custom”(still choose Web Browser Policy) then add a rule at the top for the IP you want to block.


NOT browser related, it appears to be something in the system, which is Vista Home Premium SP1.

I don’t think this is the actual internet name of the server, but just the way that akamai keeps track of them. At least the DNS servers I tried don’t resolve that host name at all. Try *.akamaitechnologies.com and see if that works. I suspect that the reverse DNS lookup may still have a problem with it.

Prior to posting I used Sam Spade and also did not get any results from a “nslookup” for deploy.akamaitechnologies.com or akamaitechnologies.com, however “Whois” does resolve to Akamai Technologies.

Does blocking example.com also block anyname.example.com in Comodo?

Give it a try as *.akamaitechnologies.com and *.akamai.com. Problem is that the DNS server used by Comodo for reverse DNS lookup may not resolve it. All whois gives is the owner, not the name, and the name isn’t in their forward lookup index. They can get the owner from the block allocation by Network Solutions, not necessarily by reverse DNS lookup, which would give the actual name of the server. IAW there may be no entry as *.akamaitechnologies.com for that IP in the Comodo reverse DNS server.

A thought, though. You could try blocking the whole Akamai range of IPs, - and see what happens. :slight_smile:

Ok that rule is now in place. I’ll check the Comodo logs in a while to see if anything is stopped.
Thank you