Want every program to ask for access to the internet


How do i get comodo to ask if i want this program to access the internet.

I don’t want windows help reaccessing even though i have changed it to say no. Window media centre is constantly going on the internet even though i have tried to configure it to ask.

I just want to set everything to ask first then i can configure it to go through if i choose…


Ps sorry if a bit short i had to buy a new computer and then had problems with it - just want things to work.


How do i stop programs from accessing the internet. I don’t want them to think they have internet access until i decide i want to

I have help accessing without asking then i try to configure to ask and it still goes through. Media centre is on and off the internet all day. Don’t even use the program so it has no reason to access the internet unless i need it to.

i have tried to configure network security policy but am a little over checking if there is a new program or if the application has accessed the internet again

please help


have managed to block internet explorer now when i open internet explorer it won’t ask.

Hi vvvve

Well you can’t use “ask” so it will ask you every time it tries to connect to internet.
Ask is designed to be used with let’s say a browser may use ports 80 and 443 (http/https) and all others are “asked” so if you open a page that request a media stream on an other port then it will ask you to allow this.

I think it would be a nice feature is CIS could get an “ask always” option because i have some use for that also in some cases i just like an always ask but that should get on the wishlist…

For media center you can set that to a predefined policy like “Blocked application” that should prevent it from accessing the internet.

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Make sure to have the Firewall in Custom with Alert settings to at least High, you should then be alerted for any application which doesn`t have a rule for it in “Application rules”.