want a new option "terminate and quarantine" in D+ and FW alarms

HI everybody

see the pic.I want CFP can add a new option “terminate and quarantine” in alarms when I found a process looks like a virus wants to be executed or conneted to internet. terminate the doubtful process and put the file into “my quarantine files”. this will useful and convenience for user.

what about you think?

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That would mean the Comodo is also a virus scan. It is your virus scanners job to terminate and delete things. Its Comodo’s job to block it from trying to run.

first of all, I use cfp alone.
second, If I found a process that maybe virus wants to execute, I need block it first and then find where the file is and delete it. It is so troubled for user. add this option will make cfp more convenience I believe.
at last, I think this is just a small modify to the code of cfp, this can let cfp more powerful and no any lost.

I think cfp must be go ahead not be at a standstill

A Comodo Security Suite is in the works but till then you still an AV.

thank you for your information.
hope CSS will be more powerful and more humanization

Comodo have the best R&D in the world. World Leading Engineers are working on CIS & CAV 3. We are expecting a launch at the end of the month! Keep an eye out :wink: It will be good.


at the end of this month?
I hope it is true
thank you for your good news :slight_smile: